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Climate Data Hub is a dataset exploration and discovery tool for data-driven technologists and entrepreneurs. Our visualizations will help you examine datasets in context – geospatial, bioregional,  social, and financial.

We’re prototyping and building now – take our short survey to help shape Climate Data Hub (link opens a Google form).

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the vision


Food, water, ecosystems

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Solving the climate crisis isn’t a single-discipline effort.

It requires the combined insights and efforts of people from multiple domains: scientific, technical, social, geopolitical, economic. Success will depend on global coordination between across broad range of  domains and disciplines.

It’s an enormous, complex effort to navigate. The landscape of datasets reflects this.



We are creating Climate Data Hub to help data-driven innovators and entrepreneurs accelerate their efforts to address the climate crisis. It’s a dataset exploration and discovery tool that leverages AI, semantic search, and intuitive visualizations to help technologists and data scientists rapidly identify relevant datasets, explore whitespace, and see datasets in their geospatial, bioregional, social, and economic contexts.



Our core project, Climate Data Hub for Water, Land, and Food will provide enhanced discovery of datasets relevant to water and food security, biodiversity, and industry interactions with global and regional ecosystems.

What are your needs for climate-relevant data? Help shape the tool by answering a short (3 to 5 minute) survey.


Climate Data Hub is for those who want to apply their data and technology skills to climate change. The Hub helps innovators to leverage existing knowledge, discover opportunities for applications and analyses, and connect to partners, projects, and support.

Explore Across Disciplines

Explore climate-relevant datasets from multiple domains – scientific, social, financial, geospatial. 

Search by Geospatial Context

Use geospatial context to view and filter your datasets.  See datasets in relation to others about the same locations.

Rapidly Assess Quality

Decide whether datasets fit your criteria with visual indicators for dataset completeness, coverage, and quality.

Find Data Whitespace

Use Climate Data Hub to discover opportunities to apply your data collection technologies or projects.

Discover Project Synergies

Find complementary datasets for your project. Get in touch with dataset producers about licensing or access.

Identify Potential Partners

Find people and organizations associated with your locations or datasets of interest. Get in touch and start collaborating!


explore data in context

Climate Data Hub is optimized for data exploration in relation to the world around us, including the people, places, and activities affecting – and affected by – the condition of the Earth’s climate and ecosystems. 

The current climate crisis is underscores the  complex web of interrelationships between all things on Earth. See those relationships whenever you search Climate Data Hub.

Image of Earth Showing New Zealand
3D rendering of area including Mt. Taranaki, Egmont National Park, New Zealand.


Multi-Disciplinary. Entrepreneurial. Data Savvy.  

Our team is a diverse, multi-disciplinary team with a shared interest in accelerating climate action. Our collective experience and expertise includes:

  • data-driven startups
  • Internet and communications technologies
  • innovation discovery and support
  • legal and regulatory information
  • intellectual property research
  • dataset creation, curation, and licensing
  • online search interfaces
  • corporate sustainability
  • ESG data; ESG investing
  • regenerative agricultural practices

Help us shape Climate Data Hub: Take our survey

Help us create a better way to  navigate and explore the world of climate data. Take our short survey to let us know what you need from the world of climate-relevant data.

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